TOOLKIT GUIDE about LEGO® bricks for CAREER Identification

The guide describes a brand-new methodology inspired by some principles of LEGO® Serious Play® and used to support educators in using it for a better career identification.

It is a more effective approach to FACILITATE and UNLOCK the “open mind” trainers’ skills useful to identify and select a carer pathway for each learner. When participants in the session build up their brick models, their imagination flourishes, and get insights about topics that matter thanks to metaphor.

The new methodology has been developed, tested, adapted, and implemented by the project partners in several workshops and activities during the project’s lifetime.

The brand-new methodology is using LEGO® bricks but it was integrated with some pedagogical and didactical implementation, together with intensive gamification elements and also a practical point of view coming from guidance,, counseling and coaching methods.

Available in English and all partners’ National languages (Icelandic, Italian, Finnish, French).